Hello there !

I’m Antoine Grelet and I’m an audio designer, graduated from the SAE institute. I’ve chosen to focus on Game Audio to make no compromise between two of my passions. I’ve learned a lot about game design, level design, ergonomics, and how to communicate through the player’s mind, through his/her ears. Amplifying game experience is for me, one of the most enjoyable things. I pride myself on making games more involving, more comprehensive, more juicy, in order to bring them to the next level.
I’m particularly involved in the indie scene and/or games with some ideologist messages, I care a lot about creative liberty and ethic.

You can check out my work in sound design, composition, and mixing just above and you will find all my services at the bottom of the page.
Don’t be shy and come say hi !

Sound Design - Complete Replacement Demo

Music - Demo Reel

What do you should know ?


I write music for your games, players won’t see how time flies. I'm specialized in progressive music, electronic, hip-hop, math-rock but I’m really open to a lot of music genres.

Sound Design

Sound effects give emotions, feedback and a lot of information to your games. Immersion begins here. I take priority in making sounds recognizable, comprehensive, meaningful and particularly enjoyable to hear.


I want to make the game audio as enjoyable as it was designed. We can also do some experimentation with audio to make it interactive. Let’s be creative together.

Mixing and/or Mastering

Mixing and Mastering are part of my training, and I try to constantly improve my skills. Mixing is important to make players focusing on the essential elements of your game to make it fully understandable, even when the situation is mad.

Deadline, fear me!

It’s primordial. I'm tough with myself about deadlines.Count on me to make deadlines important.

It’s about communication

This is the key to make great works together, I’m always open to all your propositions. Keep in mind that feedbacks are essential, we need to do the best work we can. Sound effects, for example, are most of the time not definitive at the first proposition. But it’s ok, let’s do great things !